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This is a tour for people who want to try a special and unique route. We will take you to the white sandy beaches and into the difficult to access, yet stunningly beautiful mountains of the Kii Peninsula.

The “Kumano Kodo” refers to a network of pilgrimage trails. The kodo (“old paths”) are a key part of the region’s UNESCO designation, and have been in use for over 1000 years. The pilgrimage routes developed as a way for people to move between the sacred areas in the Kii Peninsula. You will feel the history and see many works of art on this tour.



  1. Haneda Airport to Nanki Shirahama Airport


    Haneda Airport to Nanki Shirahama Airport

    Take a domestic flight from Haneda Airport to Nanki Shirahama Airport and check into your hotel.
    In the afternoon, you will be free to explore the Shirarahama Beach area at your leisure.
    Shirarahama Beach is a white sand resort that is approximately 640 meters long and is the "sister beach" of Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. Accessible from the beach is an onsen (hot spring) footbath, standard public onsen which face towards the sea, natural sightseeing spots, and various indoor activities.
  2. Wakayama - Nara


    Wakayama - Nara

    Today you will start your journey on the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Routes. The first place you will visit is the Kumano Nachi Taisha shrine, which is part of a large complex of neighboring religious sites that exemplify the fusion of Buddhist and Shinto influences. The site also boasts the tallest waterfall in Japan.
    Next, you will visit Dorokyo Gorge, which is designated as one of Japan’s special natural monuments of scenic beauty. Visitors can enjoy scenery of cliffs and unusually shaped rocks while taking speedboat cruises throughout the ravine.
    After that, climb up the long, stone stairway that leads to the sacred grounds of the Kumano Hongu Taisha shrine located on a ridge surrounded by giant cedar and cypress trees. It is one of the three grand shrines of Kumano, and the head shrine of over 3,000 Kumano Shrines across Japan.

    Finally, cap off your eventful day by spending some time relaxing in a nice, warm onsen.
  3. Nara One-Day Tour


    Nara One-Day Tour

    Continue your spiritual journey to the remote Tamaki Shrine of Totsukawa Village. It is in a forest of ancient cedars often shrouded in mist which feels far removed from modern life. It has been a key stop on the Omine Okugake Pilgrimage Route for over 1,000 years. Next, you will have a little adventure on Tanize Suspension Bridge; one of the longest suspension bridges in Japan. Enclosed in wire mesh and rising 54 meters over the Totsukawa River, though quite safe, the swaying motion can be disconcerting or fun, depending on your perspective. After an hour of driving through the beautiful mountain scenery, you will arrive at the scenic Mitarai Valley and follow a hiking course along a river that flows between large rocks that allows visitors to take in the fantastic scenery.
    You will stay the night in the nearby Dorogawa area of Tenkawa Village. Located deep in the southern mountains, this traditional hot spring town has long served ascetic practitioners of the indigenous Shugendo faith and retains a serene, spiritual atmosphere.
  4. Nara - Shiga - Kyoto


    Nara - Shiga - Kyoto

    Finally, you will finish your journey along the pilgrimage routes and leave for another destination.
    The Soni Highland is a pampas grassland that spreads out across the side of a mountain. There are various walking trails which cross-cross the grassland, and it is possible to take a casual stroll here without carrying equipment. Next, you will move to the north to visit the Ninja Museum of Igaryu. This museum's collection includes ancient ninjutsu writings that have been analyzed scientifically along with ancient ninjutsu weapons. There are over 400 ninja tools on display, including shuriken that were actually used in the time of the ninja. The museum also features a model village with tours and demonstrations of its features.

    The tour will then move onto the Miho Museum, located not far from the Ninja Village. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the museum is the design of its structures and how they are integrated into their natural surroundings. The designer of the museum is Leoh Ming Pei, who also designed the pyramid in the Louvre Museum.
  5. Kyoto Half-Day Tour


    Kyoto Half-Day Tour

    Ohara Sanzen-in is one of the finest temples in all of Kyoto, especially when you take in its sublime natural setting. Climb past the inevitable souvenir stalls before entering the green sanctuary of the temple precincts. The next temple you will visit is Kennin-ji Temple. It is the oldest Zen temple in Kyoto and it is located in the historic Gion District. Kennin-ji Temple is filled with important works of art and design that include paintings, sculptures, and the Zen garden.
    For the afternoon, you will be able to explore Kyoto at your own pace. You can spend your day exploring more temples, or perhaps shopping around in Kyoto’s famous restaurants and shops, just to name a few of many possibilities.
  6. Kyoto - Okayama


    Kyoto - Okayama

    In the morning, you will travel to Okayama by bullet train.
    The first destination in Okayama will be the Kojima Jeans Street where denim fans from all over the world come to visit about 30 shops, cafes, and general stores from jeans brands known around the world for their high quality. The highlight of the day is the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter. It preserves the beauty of traditional Japanese architecture for the present day, with its rows of willow trees gently swaying in the wind, and the beautiful contrast between the white walls and the black-and-white "namako" walls casting their shadows onto the Kurashiki River below. You can visit the Ohara Museum of Art if you would like to.
  7. Naoshima One-Day Tour


    Naoshima One-Day Tour

    Offering a unique opportunity to see some of Japan's best contemporary art in gorgeous natural settings. Museums and numerous outdoor sculptures are situated around the coast, including Yellow Pumpkin by Yayoi Kusama, which has become a symbol of Naoshima. You will also visit the Chichu Art Museum and Benesse House Museum by Tadao Ando.
  8. Okayama – Tokyo


    Okayama – Tokyo

    Ride a west-bound bullet train for Tokyo. After arriving and having lunch in Tokyo Station, you will head to the Nakagin Capsule Tower for a tour. It is one of the most iconic buildings in Tokyo and a symbol of the Metabolism architectural movement of the '60s and '70s in Japan.
    After that, you will visit the Nintendo Store, their 2nd store built after the one in New York, where you can find game consoles, software and character goods. At night, visit the 8 bit café; a heaven for every '80s video game fan. The walls and tables are decorated with figurines, comics and posters, while several classic and operational consoles are available for use. Just choose your favorite from the extensive game collection and start playing.
  9. Free Day in Tokyo


    Free Day in Tokyo

    You are now free to spend your time how you please in one of the biggest metropolitan areas on the planet. You can go anywhere you want. The Tsukiji market, Ginza premier shopping district, or an Akihabara maid café are all possible options that await you.
  10. Tokyo – Haneda International airport


    Tokyo – Haneda International airport

    Free time until departure. Relax as we drive you to Haneda International Airport.
    Have a safe flight back home!



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    *9 Nights’ Accommodation
    *8 Days chartered car with Driver
    *Admission fees
    *Activity fees
    *English-speaking guide
    *Meet and greet airport service
    *Full support from your Travel Concierge before, during and after your trip

    – It does not include Bullet Train Ticket
    – It does not include Meal Fee


    2-6 people: 9 Seater Van
    8-12 people: 18 Seater Bus
    Driver + English-Speaking Tour Guide


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