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This tour revolves around the beautiful Japanese gardens located in Nara! For the most part, Japanese gardens are designed to appear like natural scenery, groomed to perfection and possessing a serene power to relax viewers.
There are many traditional Japanese gardens scattered throughout Japan, with some of the most unique ones existing here in Nara! Around 1,300 years ago, Nara thrived as the first ancient capital of Japan. At that time, emperors and nobles had beautiful gardens around their houses with ponds, streams and groves.

On this tour, we’ll visit restored gardens originally created during the Nara era, which can be considered examples of Japanese gardens in their original forms. Enjoy letting your imagination wander as you stroll around thinking about how the people of past times appreciated nature and enjoyed their elegant gardens.
You’ll also have the opportunity to visit Nara’s “Three Great Gardens,” as well as other unique gardens that were created during different eras. You’ll love the quiet and peaceful atmosphere that can be found within each garden. You’ll also be able to try some unique cultural experiences during your private tour in the gardens, such as meditation, drinking delicious green tea, and even sample the traditional vegetarian cuisine prepared for temple monks. We’re excited to take you around Nara’s unique gardens and show you the different atmosphere each garden has to offer, as well as multiple ways to enjoy them.

  1. DAY01

    We’ll set out in the afternoon for a quick tour of Heijo Palace, which thrived back when Nara became the first capital of Japan around 1,300 years ago. Make your way to Toin Garden, located within the palace. This ancient garden was restored in 1998, and is now an organized and well-groomed garden that is quite accurate to the original, which was made for the Emperor around 1,300 years ago. The techniques used during these ancient times are very impressive to say the least! With artificial ponds, miniature hills, natural looking streams and groves, all is well-balanced and created with perfection in mind. Take some time to relax and appreciate the high level of creativity put into making the garden, as well as the spectacular variety of plants incorporated into this masterpiece. There’s even a balcony where the people of that time enjoyed a lovely view overlooking the beauty of the garden.
    Check in to your hotel and have fun recounting your experiences from the day.

    Basic stay plan: “Nara Royal Hotel,” a standard hotel located close to the palace.

    Special stay plan: “Edosan,” a traditional Japanese ryokan featuring excellent Japanese cuisine, located in Nara Park. Many famous Japanese litterateurs have enjoyed staying at this ryokan over the years.
  2. DAY02

    In the morning, we’ll be visiting Todai-ji Temple to say hello to the Great Buddha before a stroll through the Isuien Garden, located right next to the temple. The Isuien Garden consists of two parts, the Front Garden, which was created during the Edo period, and the Back Garden, an area created during the Meiji period that was combined with the previous design and later designated as an Important Cultural Asset. The back garden consists of a grand scale panorama that gracefully stretches from Todaiji Temple to Mt. Kasuga. You can see beautiful ponds, steppingstones positioned across the streams, a water mill, mossy areas and tea houses with thatched rooftops.
    The atmosphere of the garden evolves throughout the four seasons, making it a special place for visitors year-round. In one of the tea houses, you can have lunch or tea while viewing the garden!

    In the afternoon, we’ll take a short drive to Shoraku-ji Temple. This temple is famously known as the birthplace of Japanese refined sake. Many people also come to see the temple’s spectacular garden from the lush green season in spring, to the picturesque crimson foliage season in autumn. Enjoy a private tour from a monk, who will take you to the hillside for a scenic view of the mountains that will refresh both body and mind. You’ll then make your way into the main hall, which houses “Yakushi Nyorai,” the Buddha of Healing. Try a relaxing cultural experience as the monk guides you through a meditation session. Check into your hotel and get ready to visit one of Nara’s “Three Great Gardens” tomorrow!

    Basic stay plan: “Setre Naramachi,” a standard hotel located in Nara City.

    Special stay plan: “Edosan,” a traditional Japanese ryokan featuring excellent Japanese cuisine, located in Nara Park. Many famous Japanese litterateurs have enjoyed staying at this ryokan over the years.
  3. DAY03

    Today we’ll be taking you to an impressive Zen Temple with a garden that’s said to be one of Nara’s “Three Great Gardens!” This temple is quite exceptional and unique considering every aspect of the temple, including the entrance gate, path leading to the buildings, tea ceremony rooms, and garden, were designed with the intention to welcome guests to tea ceremony. This masterpiece was created by Sekishu Katagiri, one of the great distinguished masters of tea ceremony.
    Enjoy your private guided tour with a local monk, whose wife will be showing you the proper tea ceremony etiquette and procedures. Her easy going character will have you feeling comfortable and at ease, so no need to feel nervous! Here, you can also savor their fantastic “shojin ryori,” the vegetarian cuisine for monks! Check into your hotel and enjoy your stay.

    Basic stay plan: The “Kashihara,” a standard hotel. After checking in to your hotel, you can take a walk if you like to the nearby old town of Imai, or even visit Kashihara Jingu, a famous shrine dedicated to the first Emperor!

    Special stay plan: “Ubusuna no Sato Tomimoto,” a spectacular hotel with a mixture of traditional and modern style. There is also the option of choosing to stay in one of two exclusive suites positioned among the elegant gardens.
  4. DAY04

    Today, we’ll be completing the tour of Nara’s “Three Great Gardens,” starting in the morning with a visit to Taimadera Temple. This famous temple was renovated by Sekishu, one of the great distinguished masters of tea ceremony. Although the garden is relatively small, his well-thought-out design creates a surprisingly spacious atmosphere. You can also see the temple’s three-story pagoda from the garden!
    Don’t forget to have a look at Sekishu’s tearoom, which is also definitely worth the time to visit. Take a seat and enjoy some genuine green tea in a room that’s been designated as an important National Cultural Property of Japan!

    Next, we’ll make our way to the Asuka region, which was once the home of Japan’s first Emperors and where Buddhism was first established in the country. Nowadays, the terraced rice paddies, lush green fields and relaxed atmosphere are what attract visitors in search of peace and rural beauty.
    After driving around Asuka’s breathtaking pastoral landscapes, we’ll make our way to Yoshino, where you’ll get to see the third and final one of Nara’s “Three Great Gardens!” It exists in a peaceful setting at a traditional style ryokan called Chikurin-in Gumpoen. You’ll have plenty of time to explore and absorb the peaceful atmosphere of the garden as you’ll actually be staying the night in this very special ryokan! The circuit style garden was designed by Senno Rikyu, another amazing master of tea ceremony. Yoshino is also known as one of the most famous cherry blossom spots in Japan.

    *Please understand that there is a possibility this ryokan may be fully booked, especially during the cherry blossom season. In that case, we’ll visit the garden and stay in another accommodation conveniently located nearby
  5. DAY05

    Check out of your accommodation and head out towards your next destination at your leisure.
    We hope you had an amazing time traveling with us and look forward to seeing you again!



    189,000 JPY per person (for a group of 6 people)


    4 Nights’ Accommodation 
    4 Breakfasts / 3 Lunches / 4 Dinners
    5 days chartered car with Driver
    Admission fees
    Activity fees
    English-speaking guide
    Full support from your Travel
    Concierge before, during and after your trip


    1-2 travelers: Sedan
    3-6 travelers: Jumbo taxi
    Driver+English-Speaking Tour


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