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Nara is a living museum containing over 1,300 years of art and architecture, rich with unique ideas and technology as the last stop along the Silk Road. Many things in Japanese culture, such as the tea ceremony, Japanese ink (“sumi-e”) brushwork, sumo wrestling, and refined sake, all originated in Nara.

Nara is blessed with perfect climate conditions for tea cultivation. Visit a Japanese tea farm and pick tea leaves in gorgeous surroundings. Visit a traditional tea whisk maker to make your very own tea whisk, which is indispensable to Japanese tea ceremony. Try the whisk you made at a tea ceremony in a Zen temple for a truly unforgettable experience.

How would you like to be a sumo wrestler for a day? Enjoy this rare opportunity by jumping into a sumo ring to practice authentic sumo moves with other sumo wrestlers!

Learn how to make sake, even join in the brewing process yourself, at a revered sake brewery. Not many breweries in Japan offer this kind of an opportunity to make sake, so we are happy to be able to share this tradition with you.

You can book all of the programs mentioned, or only the ones you are interested in. Allow us to help you plan the best trip in Nara, the birthplace of Japan’s richest cultures, centered around what you’re interested in.

  1. Kansai International Airport - Nara City


    Kansai International Airport - Nara City

    The history of tea in Japan dates back to around 1,200 years ago, when Japanese Buddhist monks brought tea leaf seeds from China to Nara. Those seeds are the origin of “Yamato Tea,” which is still cultivated in northeastern Nara today.
    The area is blessed for tea leaf cultivation with abundant water, fertile ground, and suitable climate temperature differences between day and night. Yamato Tea has a characteristic aroma that can be picked up right after it is steeped in hot water, and it boasts a clean finish.

    Take a relaxing stroll through endless green hills covered in vibrant young tea plants, hand-picking tea leaves for yourself! Let the color and aroma of tea refresh you while admiring the delicate effort put into tea cultivation in Japan.
  2. Nara City


    Nara City

    Nara is where "wabi-cha" was established, the famous Japanese tea ceremony that is commonly known today for pursuing ultimate aesthetic value through simplicity and subtlety.
    Utensils made to perfectly fit the wabi tea ceremony were developed here in Nara, such as the bamboo whisk used to stir the tea until it becomes frothy, called a "cha-sen.” Even to this day, the highly-evaluated subtle craftsmanship of tea whisk making continues to be handed down from generation to generation. Visit a master tea whisk craftsman to learn the history, styles, and watch a demonstration of the craft. Make your own tea whisk using your choice of colored strings.

    In the afternoon, enjoy Japanese tea ceremony at Jiko-in, a temple of the Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism. Learn from a tea master on the proper way to prepare tea, then it's your turn to serve! Tea ceremony is not only for drinking tea, but encourages self-discipline, respect for others, sincerity, and more. Feel the “Beauty of Wabi” within your heart through this experience. Explore the gorgeous Japanese Garden arranged specifically for tea ceremony guests to enjoy.
  3. Nara City


    Nara City

    Many traditional crafts of Japan have originated in Nara, Japanese ink with brush art being a very influential example. Japanese ink, or “sumi” in Japanese, is used for writing and painting.

    Flexible brushes soaked in sumi allow you to draw lines of different thickness and tone freely, expressing the brush holder's personal philosophies through writing characters, as if they were creating paintings. Make your own sumi and brush! Translate your name to Kanji characters and write it with your own newly made sumi and brush. This is truly a one-of-a-kind souvenir filled with memories of your time here in Nara!
  4. Nara City – Nara City / Kashihara City


    Nara City – Nara City / Kashihara City

    Today you will become a sumo wrestler! Katsuragi City is said to be the first location where a sumo match was held in ancient times. At Kehayaza, a sumo museum in Katsuragi city, enjoy watching sumo demonstrations performed by amateur sumo wrestlers, and learn how to do this traditional sport for yourself. Finally, step onto the "Dohyo," the sumo ring, and have a match with an amateur sumo wrestler!

    Visit Kashihara Jingu Shrine, the birthplace of Japan! This is where the mythical first Emperor of Japan, Jinmu, is believed to have established the throne, marking the beginnings of Japan’s monarchy. On this tour, you can enter the worship hall, not usually open to the public, for a formal prayer with a Shinto priest.

    At this time-honored shrine, be awed by Shinto ceremonial dancing performed by miko shrine maidens. At the Bunka-Den Hall, designated as an important cultural property, you can choose the option of eating a Japanese "kaiseki" course dinner. The many dishes served individually are known for their carefully arranged artistic beauty, enhancing the flavors and making for a memorable experience.
  5. Nara City / Kashihara City – Nara City


    Nara City / Kashihara City – Nara City

    Start off your day at a traditional sake brewery! Did you know sake is made from the basic ingredients of rice and water? Learn the heart behind the process in this valuable experience of making sake yourself with a master brewer. Take in the unique aroma of rice and sake at this brewery that still uses the traditional handcrafted brewery process. After a thorough tour, enjoy tasting the many different kinds of sake there, and receive a nice souvenir, too! Please note the tour is only available for groups of 2-5 people.

    In the afternoon, visit the origins of Japanese sake at the Omiwa Shrine, often referred to as the oldest shrine in Japan. Sake brewing in Japan is said to have started here, with many brewers praying for their sake at the yearly festival. The Shinto shrine has no main hall housing any specific god, but was built to worship beautiful Mt. Miwa, which stands behind it. This is a great place to appreciate the history of sake, and an ancient style of Japanese Shintoism.
  6. Nara City


    Nara City

    The katana, a Japanese sword, is a highly prized work of art today.
    Meet a legendary swordsmith and watch him create a real genuine Japanese katana in his workshop. Making one sword is a long process; the stage available for visitors to observe depends on the progress of the sword at that time. The workshop itself is in a scenic countryside location, unchanged for hundreds of years. Surrounded by rice fields and mountains, the artisan is inspired to create incredible objects of beauty and strength. After watching the master at work, you are invited into his home to see his priceless sword collection. Learn to hold and appreciate the katana directly from those who create them.

    After observing how katanas are made, you are sure to be impressed by the beautiful swords at the Gassan Memorial Museum. Exhibiting swords made by the Gassan Clan, a family of swordsmiths that have been around since the 13th century. Enjoy this rare opportunity to appreciate the work of the clan family members, which has been designated a National Treasure as an intangible cultural heritage of Japan.
  7. Nara City – Osaka


    Nara City – Osaka

    Travel to the lively merchant city of Osaka! Once called the "kitchen of the country” back in the Edo period, it still offers nation-wide famous gourmet options, including takoyaki (octopus dumplings), okonomi-yaki (savory pancakes with shredded cabbage), kushikatsu (deep-fried skewered meat and vegetables), and more!
    One of the best ways to learn about the country's culture is through the food, we hope you can see why the Japanese enjoy these meals! Visit the Shin Sekai area and the Minami (south) area, including Shinsaibashi, which is known for its long, covered market streets, where anything you wish to buy, and any kind of food (from street food to luxury cuisine) can be found.
  8. Osaka - Kansai International Airport


    Osaka - Kansai International Airport

    Japan's culture will surely leave a lasting impression on your heart, and with those new memories fresh in your mind, we will drive you back to Kansai International Airport.
    We hope you will come back to see more of Japan! Have a safe flight back home!


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    AKansai International Airport

    BNara City

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    BNara City

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    BNara City

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    BNara City

    CNara City / Kashihara City

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    CNara City / Kashihara City

    BNara City

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    BNara City

  7. DAY07

    BNara City


  8. DAY08


    AKansai International Airport



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